Friday, February 18, 2005

New magazines

This week I got not one, but two new knitting magazines. I picked up the new Knit.1 at Barnes and Noble on Saturday and my Rebecca #29 came in on Monday. I am simply gaga over both. Knit.1 has edgy, funky, and fun projects. All of the patterns are knit with Lion Brand yarn, which fits my yarn budget nicely.

If you ever get a chance, you should go to Knitty's coffeeshop and read some of the comments people make about this magazine. Some knitters are actually offended by the patterns and the yarn. Give me a break! I hate it when people think that anything "new" and "different" is bad. Some people like more cutting edge fashion (like me). Does that mean I'm not worthy of being in the knitting community...just because I don't want to knit a prim little twinset...whatever. Unlike the knitting snobs out there, I can appreciate both traditional and more current knitting. I think anything that supports the craft and brings more people in to our folds, the better.

The new Rebecca is gorgeous. I bit more conservative, but still loads of cool things. The only drawback I see to this mag is the price ($16.95) and that the yarns used are expensive and hard to come across.


Blogger Lauren said...

It is a classic debate, but I agree with you... anything that brings new people to the joys of knitting, bring it on! I have not seen this mag, but I have heard a lot about it, mostly bad... perhaps I will just have to see for myself.

Can't wait to see the Rebecca--take care, Miss Amy, and have a lovely weekend!

12:52 PM  
Blogger Faerynuff said...

Hi Amy,

Faerynuff from Knittyboard. I totally hear you about people saying bad stuff and not wanting to welcome new and young knitters and magazines!

I'm youngish (almost 30 :( ) but feel 19, and hate it when I am made to feel silly for knitting!

I'd love to see a copy of Knit.1, only seen emails from lion brand so far.

Take it easy
Ali x

10:10 AM  

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