Thursday, June 30, 2005

Two down, one to go....

Name: Branching Out from Knitty
Yarn: Knit 1 Crochet Too Douceur et Soie in #8633 Cornflower
Started: 6/8/05 Finished: 6/26/05
What I Learned: My first real lace project, use a lifeline
Comments: I made this as a gift for a special someone, hence the blue color choice (y'all know I'm more of a pink/green girl). I think this is a great first lace project. It eases you gradually into following a chart and using reeeaaallly thin yarn. Although, I must admit, I cheated and used the written out version. I don't like to follow charts if I can get away with it. The Douceur et Soie yarn is so soft, it should be a sin. My only complain would be, and this isn't the yarn's fault, that it stuck to my sweaty hands. Now, I just have one project on the needles. My mind is at peace.


Blogger Laura said...

Beautiful! The scarf seems much longer than other versions that I've seen. Your daughter is cute, too.

8:31 PM  
Blogger knittingnurse said...

Wow! That is just so pretty. I can't wait to get into the whole lace thing. I have to finished my beaded bag first though. Your girls are always so cute in the pix you post!

1:13 PM  
Blogger Joanna said...

Hey Amy, I did get color 8631 of the Pleasure! When you said you have 2 balls calling your name, did you mean you're thinking about buying them? 'Cause my sweater calls for 8 balls and I have 10, I would be happy to donate my other 2 balls to you! Only problem is I'd want to wait until after I finish the sweater to make sure the yarn requirements are accurate... but if you don't mind waiting, just let me know. :)

7:44 AM  
Blogger amy said...

that scarf is so pretty. i have been thinking of making that. i too don't like reading charts! you have really been on a knitting roll, i am impressed! happy 4th!

10:20 AM  
Blogger Kalendar Girl said...

Soooo pretty! I love the color.

12:24 PM  

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