Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Serious Stash Enhancement

Y'all get ready for the pictures. I've gone a bit overboard in the past four days. Yes, you got it right. I've gotten this much yarn, through the mail and at my LYS Yarns 2 Ewe in the past FOUR DAYS. Normally, I would say I've gone off the deep end, but I really had a good reason to buy each of the yarns. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

Reason for yarns in picture 1 - Threadbear put everything in their store 20% off, therefore I couldn't pass up buying more Lion & Lamb. With the discount, I basically got almost two skeins for free. Wohoo! Rob, one of the owners, was such a doll. He told me over the phone all of the colors he had in stock, and helped me pick out these colors (Sand Ridge & Jay Pond).

Reasons for yarns in picture 2 - I ordered both the Noro Hana Silk & the Rowan Kidsilk Haze from Yarnmarket, my favorite online store. The Kidsilk Haze is to make the Reverse Rib Wrap (see the the fabulous finished version on Nimrodel's blog). The color that I wanted has been discontinued, so I snatched these up ASAP. The ribbon is for a shawl similar to the poncho I finished a few weeks ago. Ok, I didn't have a real good reason for the ribbon, but it allowed me to get free shipping.

Reason for yarn in picture 3 - Yarns 2 Ewe had all of their sock yarn on sale 20% off this weekend. Nuff said.

Reason for yarn in picture 4 - I ordered this afghan kit from Herrschners for 50% off. It was originally $70 and I got it for $35 (plus free shipping). My cabana boy has been after me to make him an afghan, & I think this one is beautiful. $35 for 9 balls of yarn plus the pattern...not bad.


Blogger Laura said...

Is the white the color you wanted for the KSH? I hope so. The pink that I used was discontinued when I bought it so I bought an entire pack (10 balls).

I can't believe you were at Y2E this past weekend! I was, too--twice! Maybe we should plan to meet there some day.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

too... much... yarn... holding hand... back from... mouse... more... yarn!!!

Thanks for the yarn porn! What a fabulous stash enhancement!

10:55 AM  
Blogger Joanna said...

Oooooh pretty pretty yarn! If you find yourself with some extra and nothing to do with it, my mailbox is always hungry for more yarn. ;) (Actually I'm lying - I'm moving in a few days and the last thing I need is more yarn to pack - but a girl can dream, right? Hah!)

11:37 AM  
Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

oh gees i'm not the only one who has gone yarn crazy on the internet! love all of the stash stuff! see you tommorow night. jealous of the lion and lamb!

7:32 PM  
Anonymous glittrgirl said...

Lovely stash additions! NOw that I know who you are I can post more comments about my presents! I have loved everything you have sent to me! You are such a generous SP. Thanks!

11:11 PM  
Blogger Azuredrake said...

mmmmm...all the yarn looks so pet-able.

I love having so much yarn! It makes me feel like I have options!

And the afghan will be amazing. What a fun looking project.

3:58 AM  
Blogger Cara said...

Wow...(wipes drool off keyboard). As a girl who recently had to go on a yarn diet, it's kind of nice to be able to live vicariously through someone else's mega stash enhancements.

I'm jealous.

9:34 AM  
Blogger knittingnurse said...

Yumm,don't you just LOVE the feeling you get when you acquire new yarn? It's like arriving at NIRVANA!!

I see that you got some sock yarn. . . . .I warned you about that addiction ;-)


10:42 AM  
Anonymous christy said...

Whoa baby! You're not kidding when you said "SERIOUS" stash enhnacement! I'm back in commission now - it's good to see all is well with you :-)

8:40 AM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Hey sweet Amy! I am seriously behind in my blog reading, and then I come over here and see all of your new wonderful goodies! Love that afghan too :)

1:13 PM  
Blogger yuvee said...

Oh my, I can't believe my eyes. Did I just saw lots of gorgeous Lorna Laces that I've been drooling over?? And are those really white KSH??? Really, if you ever feel you have too much yarn, I'll be more than happy to give them a new home.*grin*

3:30 AM  

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