Sunday, November 13, 2005

Coolest Ladies in the Blogsphere

A surprise, belated birthday gift arrived in the mail fro my from my sweet blog friend Knitting Nurse on Friday. She is the sweetest! She sent candy for the girls (already eaten), a cute note pad, wonderful smelling mango body butter, Lion Brand Magic Stripes (destined to be socks for the girls), and Mission Falls 1824 cotton. I've been coveting the Mission Falls for some time now. None of my LYS's carry it, and now it is discontinued. I will have to think of something extra special to make with it. Thanks Jannett!!

Another one of my blog friends, Jeanie, has started a new on-line knitting group. Say hello to the Sexy Knitters Club. I love the idea that knitting is no longer always thought of as being grandmotherly and old-fashioned. Count me in!


Anonymous knit chick said...

What great birthday goodies! I'm sure you'll put the yarn to good use.

The Sexy Knitters Club is great idea. I love the shirt with the logo on it.

10:35 PM  

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