Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Campy Knitting

My girls are on spring break this weekend and my hubby took the week off to watch them while they are at home. I thought it would be a great time to take them camping. We like to do it at least once a year, but it seemed like the rest of Texas thought it would be a great weekend as well. All of the choice spots were full. We wound up staying at Goliad State Park, which I would recommend if you are a Texas history buff. The missions and fort are really cool, and the nature trails are perfect for little hikers.

I pulled a Sheryl on this trip and decided that I MUST have a kerchief to wear on the day that we left. I whipped one up on the way there, and it served me well. My hubby told me that I looked like an amish woman, but WHATEVER...I liked it. In the above picture, I'm wearing said kerchief and working on a Louisa Harding sweater from her new book Swallowtails. Louisa Harding is one of my favorite yarn lines. If you want to try a truly lux yarn in amazing colors, I highly recommend.

I may be roughing it, but I refuse to rough it when it comes to yarn. That's how I roll.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I told Sheryl a while back that I would rather blow my brains out than knit a scarf. I have paid my dues when it comes to scarf knitting, as most of us knitters have. It is a beginning knitters rite of passage I suppose. I have nothing against scarves, per se. Wearing a scarf always makes me feel sassy (berets do too, but that is another story). I just can't bear to knit them anymore. So I won't...I'll crochet one....

Yarn: Malabrigo in Bobby Blue, the trim is Rowan Wool Cotton in Mocha

Ahhh....my first crochet project. I've been bit by the crochet bug. Next up, a skirt

Now on to some momma pride. I commissioned my daughter R (age 6) to do a shop sample for Yarntopia. It paid off. The RT scarf has sold a yarn we been trying to move since we opened. When I put it on display at the shop, R insisted that I put on the tag that she finished it in two days. That's my little knitting prodigy!

Yarn: Two balls of Berroco Tutu, I forget the color. Cast on 7 st with a #17 and knit until you run out.

My last picture is not exactly as scarf. It is really more of a wrap, but it is pretty darn scarf-like. I knit one of these over a year ago for my blog friend ThatFarmGirl . I had quite a bit of the yarn left over, so I thought I would knit one up for myself.

Pattern: Daphne from French Girl

Yarn: Rowan Summer Tweed #524 Cotton Bud

Comments: This is the best smelling yarn on the planet. I am a chronic yarn sniffer, so I should know. The pattern is very easy with a cool crochet like look to it.