Thursday, October 25, 2007

3 FO's - Peggy's Bear, City Shawl, Karate Sweater

Pattern: Karate Sweater by Twinkle found in Big City Knits
Yarn: Soft Chunky by Twinkle #23 Haze
Comments: Loved the yarn, loved the Dojo stitch pattern used throughout, hated how it fit on me. It has been frogged and the yarn will be reused in another Twinkle pattern.
Pattern: City Shawl by Glampyre
Yarn: Romance by Rowan #099 Charred
Comments: This is the third City Shawl that I have made. The blue Romance one that I knit for my grandmother turned out so well, that I had to have one. Again, the Romance does not disappoint. Love the subtle "bling".

Pattern: Peggy's Bear designed by Yours Truly
Yarn: Brown Plymouth Encore and some scrap yarn for the scarf
I named this bear after my Grandma Peggy. She was truly an amazing woman. I loved her dearly and miss her terribly. How she would have loved Yarntopia. She was a fantastic knitter, but never had the pleasure of getting to knit with really luscious yarn. The inheritance I received from her estate was what I used to open the shop with, which I'm sure she is delighted about.
My grandmother died from the effects of Alzheimer's disease. I honor of her, I'm starting the Peggy's Bear program at the shop. At first I thought about doing lap throws or bed slippers, but my mother suggested the dolls. Alzheimer's patients like to cuddle on soft things, it seems.
I am asking for customers on the first day of each month to knit a bear to donate to the Alzheimer's ward of the nursing home across the street from the shop. Yarntopia will supply the pattern and will give 10% off for the yarn bought to knit the bear. Sheryl and I will collect all of the bears and deliver them to the nursing home along with a card signed by all of our donors. I'm looking forward to putting a smile on peoples faces. I hope you all will join me.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Stashbuster Afghan

Pattern: Stashbuster Afghan from Stitch Diva (aka The Love Afghan)
Yarn: 26 different yarns (mostly from my stash)
Why "The Love Afghan" you ask? I made this for my husband. It will probably be the only thing that I've made him that he actually likes.
This pattern is all the rage at Yarntopia. We can't keep the hooks in stock! It is done in tunisian crochet. Don't let the crochet in the name scare you off knitters! The only crochet you need to know for this project is the chain stitch, and you only do that to cast on.
I throughly enjoyed doing this project. It was extremely simple and quick work as far as an afghan goes. The rhythm of the stitches is hypnotic. I also loved the creative side of working with all the different yarns. It felt almost like painting with fiber.